Does your website provide a pleasant browsing experience?

29 Jan
Website Checklist

Website Checklist

Websites are the face of a business online. One look at the landing page can make or break a connection with a potential customer. Follow the following tips to ensure you tick all the boxes for a good, user-friendly website.

1. Pleasing to the eye.

How easy is the website on the eye? Are there too many conflicting images, more than two fonts (never use more than two fonts on a page), blinkers, tickers and calls to action, vying for your attention?

One automatically knows when the web page is pleasing, a clean page means more clarity in the customer’s mind and what he is expected to do.

2. Is your website attractive?

There is a difference between pleasing to the eye and ‘eye catching’. If your business demands the use of shocking pink on the home page, by all means go ahead. It has to attract and more importantly hold the attention of the customer when he lands there. Images and graphics enhance the page when used with the right amount of text elements on the page.

Innovation in web design is limitless and any new creative implementation will be welcome.

3. Is the text easy to read?

Most website owners forget that people are reading on-screen and hence fonts need to be rightly sized, easy to read, be appropriately in contrast with the background colour and read well.

The content of a website needs to flow easily from page to page, be clear and most importantly don’t write more than necessary. Keep it short and simple.

4. Is the website user-friendly?

You website can be all of the above but if this check-box is left unchecked, it can be detrimental to your business.

Check and check again for ease of navigation, functionality of links, easiness of locating items, Number of links to get to a page,and rectify any glitches. Nothing can put off a customer more than broken links and poor navigation.

5. Last but not the least – does your website fulfil its objective?

Think back, why did you have a website in the first place? To inform customers about your business, to generate leads, to sell. Is it doing all that? If not, well clearly it’s not fulfilling its objective.

Look at the points above, can something be improved there, that can get your website to fulfil what it was set up for in the first place?  Find it and change it.

If that’s too much, call MarketingAiDE for a website review. We will help you check all the boxes above:)

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    February 10, 2013 at 7:01 pm

    You have written a great resource.


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